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8/27/11 Gourmet Group – Things on a Stick!

Grilled stuffed tomatoes, lamb kabobs

In honor of the Minnesota State Fair being open, our hostess chose the Things on a Stick theme 🙂

Here are the courses that people brought –

  1. Appetizer: Lettuce wraps with grilled skewered zucchini and marinated tofu.  Served with cucumber and red pepper matchsticks soaked in rice vinegar, sugar and garlic; bean sprouts sauteed in tamari.
  2. Side: Salad on a stick – mozzarella and grape tomato skewers served in a cup with fresh pesto.  Polenta bites served with creamy cumin dipping sauce.
  3. Side: Grilled tomatoes stuffed with chunky artichoke pesto
  4. Main: Herbed Lamb kabobs and Spiced Chicken kabobs
  5. Dessert: Cheesecake pops and bananas on a stick Continue reading 8/27/11 Gourmet Group – Things on a Stick!

Starting your own Cooking group is boss.

Okay, so we all know that cooking and eating are two of the best things around.  Add some friends who feel the same way, a location to meet at with a roof and a place to cook, and Hey!  You’re most of the way there to having your very own cooking group. Continue reading Starting your own Cooking group is boss.

The Amazing Fruit and Cake Trifle

I volunteered to bring a dessert to a summer family gathering, and I decided I wanted to bring something with fresh fruit, homemade ingredients, and something to fit into my new gluten-free lifestyle.

I have made trifles before, but this one is far and away the best I have ever tried (or tasted).  It combines the lightness of homemade whipped cream and fruit with the decadence of cake and pudding.  It is, in short, an Amazing Trifle!

This trifle can be made with Gluten free cake mix, or with traditional yellow cake.  It is great either way! Continue reading The Amazing Fruit and Cake Trifle

Beef Stew – Slow Cooked Comfort

In general, I don’t use a lot of beef in my day-to-day cooking.  We tend to lean more towards ground turkey, or chicken breasts, or tofu.  But there are some times when you just have a craving for a rich satisfying bowl of beef stew, and this is the recipe to use for those occasions!  I made this for a family party, and it went over really well.  Most of the men at the party came back for seconds, and my dad said it was “really good stew”.  Which if you knew him, would tell you a lot. 🙂 Continue reading Beef Stew – Slow Cooked Comfort

Making Fondant

I have a serious case of split personality disorder when it comes to my relationship with homemade birthday cakes.

The more sentimental, doting, and hausfrau side of me feels that making someone a birthday cake from scratch is a true expression of love for the person and is part of the gift you give to them on their special day.  And then…there’s the more frazzled side of me who may just put the whole thing off out of indecision and intimidating expectations until the very last moment rush into Target to try to find a prefab cake in the cooler that I can try to pass off as special.  That, of course, is the worst case scenario, and I swear it only happened that one time.  Most often, the haufrau side begins Continue reading Making Fondant

First things first.

So this is the first official post for Aubergine & Butterbean!

I have been trying to decide what sort of a place this is going to be, and it’s been holding me up a little bit from doing anything.  And, since that’s never a good start, I decided to just make things really simple and make this a place that I love; where I post pictures of things I have made and really enjoyed, where I can post recipes of dishes that have gotten good reviews from the people who’ve eaten it, and a place to talk about all the foody things floating around in my brain. Continue reading First things first.