First things first.

So this is the first official post for Aubergine & Butterbean!

I have been trying to decide what sort of a place this is going to be, and it’s been holding me up a little bit from doing anything.  And, since that’s never a good start, I decided to just make things really simple and make this a place that I love; where I post pictures of things I have made and really enjoyed, where I can post recipes of dishes that have gotten good reviews from the people who’ve eaten it, and a place to talk about all the foody things floating around in my brain.

I really enjoy the art of home cooking, and I think it can be one of the hardest things to really excel at in the face of fast food, pre-packaged meals, and the million little demands that use up our time each day.  I am not a home cooking over-achiever, though; there are most certainly people out there who can do things better, faster and with more panache than I can.  I just know that I love the entire process of figuring out a meal – from shopping to prepping to serving, and I enjoy sharing things I have learned with people who want to know!  I also have a stockpile of photos and recipes that I have been collecting of things that I have made, and I can only guess that some part of me must have known there was going to be a place to use them someday 🙂

So please, let me know what you think of the things you find here, and I’m always happy to get advice and suggestions from other people to make my culinary mind open up a little bit more.

Happy reading!


6 thoughts on “First things first.

  1. I will suggest my wife come and read here regularly. She is also a master of at home culinary awesomeness, and I’m sure she will be add to these discussions as much as gain from them.

  2. I love the name of this blog! I still want your quinoa recipe! Although you probably have dozens- I just remember something with quinoa that sounded so good! We’re going to attempt to have an Ethiopian dinner party in a few weeks– it was one of my favorite restaurants back home– maybe I’ll send you pics 🙂

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